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Difference between ordinary cast iron and corrosion resistant cast iron

Difference between ordinary cast iron and corrosion resistant cast iron

In common corrosive media, the chemical composition of cast iron has more significant effect on corrosion resistance than its metallographic structure.Therefore, cast iron is usually classified according to its chemical composition.


The chemical composition and mechanical properties of ordinary high silicon cast iron are shown in the table.Generally, the carbon content can be set to the upper limit to reduce the hardness of high silicon cast iron and improve the casting process performance.When the silicon content is less than 15.2%, a small amount of flake graphite is distributed on the silicon-rich ferrite.When the content of si is greater than 15.2%, the vertical brittleness phase is precipitated out of the ferrite matrix. As the content of si increases continuously, the vertical brittleness phase increases correspondingly, and the acid resistance of cast iron increases correspondingly.High silicon cast iron has good corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid, nitric acid at various concentrations and temperatures, hydrochloric acid at room temperature, and oxidizing mixed acid and organic acid at all concentrations and temperatures.

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