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Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is generally installed in front of the primary crusher,conveys big blocks continuously and evenly while removing the dirt and impurities by screen bars. As a necessary equipment, it can effectively control the feeding capacity to match with the capacity of the whole crushing plant. It features strong construction, anti-strike and wearable.

The performance characteristics

1. Less energy consumption

Vibration feeder because of the use of mechanical vibration theory of resonance principle, double plasmid in the low critical state of near resonance work, so less energy consumption.

2. Easy installation and low operation cost

Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts do not need lubrication, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

3. the groove wear is small

Because the material in the feed tank is continuously thrown up in the process of feeding, and the parabolic trajectory is followed to jump forward, so the wear of the feed tank is small.

4. Silicon controlled half-wave rectifier circuit is adopted

The control equipment of this series of vibration motor adopts SCR half-wave rectifier circuit, so it is convenient to adjust the feeding amount stepless by adjusting the open Angle of SCR, and realize the centralized control and automatic control of the production process.

Product structure drawing


Technical Parameters




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